When I Was Growing Up..

There were no comic shops where I lived. Actually I think there was one in this shopping center near my house, but it was more of a sports memorabilia shop than anything. Just about every summer, my family would hop in the car and drive from Maryland to Chicago, and along the way my parents would stop at every and any Chachkie/Antique mall they could find. Once inside, me and my sister where left to fend for ourselves (figuratively mom, figuratively) and while she went off to go find old records, I would often wander around looking for either action figures or comics. 

The numbers on them meant nothing to me. Avengers #436? Spider-Man #231? Detective Comics #54? Who cared? The Hulk is on the cover fighting Wolverine? Alright! The X-Men as babies? Sold. I just wanted to read a fun story about the characters I liked. All these years later, not much has changed. 

Now of course I care about creators, and continuity (in terms of things making sense), and most other nerdy comic things, but the things I still care about the most are great characters taking part in great stories. Here you'll find some of the stories I'm writing (and if you want, buy them), thoughts on writing for comics specifically and writing in general, and more.